Our signature on the roads will continue with confidence and determination at every step

The success of our products is our production experience that we blend with years of experience and knowledge.While our products reach you all over the world, we will continue our investments without slowing down in order to move the quality product forward every day.
Kolsan Lastik Yükleme Hattı / Tire Handling Area
Kolsan Lastik Trim Hattı / Tire Trimline

Our mission

To create admirable new values for society and stakeholders. While creating these values, it is to produce environmentally friendly and sensitive products and to realize production based on efficiency.

Detailer at every step

To be a company based on innovation and following technology.

Competitive in every field

To advance with competitive steps in world markets.

Our vision

To be an important tire industry in the region. It is to position our brand and product at the highest levels by gaining an important place among world-renowned brands. It is to adopt all kinds of technological advances that will ensure this.

Adopting advanced technology

To take the technology we use in our products one step further every day.

People oriented lean manufacturing

To adopt a human-oriented approach in all production processes.
Kolsan Lastik Yanak Tasarımı / Tire Sidewall Design