We produce in Turkey and move on the roads of the world without stopping

We work non-stop with our human-oriented lean production philosophy and create added value for our country and the world.
Waterfall Tyres

Research and development focused production approach

As a reference for the future, we shape our R&D activities in line with our goals and transfer them to our products.
Kolsan Lastik Yanak Tasarımı / Tire Sidewall Design

We Equip Our Products With Technology On The Way To The Target

From the moment we were established, we have been moving forward with firm steps without compromising our principles.
Kolsan Lastik Trim Hattı / Tire Trimline
Kolsan Ekstruder Extruder

We work with our business excellence policy

Our aim is to provide a sustainable growth rate while creating admirable values for society and stakeholders by focusing on real business processes.
About Kolsan

We are a global tire manufacturer

We export over 3.5 million tires annually to more than 50 countries.
Waterfall Logo

We are proud to be the creator of the Waterfall brand, one of the pioneers of the industry.

Waterfall's quality policy is based on the principle of respect for people. This is the basis of the TQM (Total Quality Management) approach in the Waterfall brand. Total quality management practices carried out in all processes of the company have created important results in ensuring customer satisfaction and contributing to social life as a responsible company and citizen.
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