We develop respectful production policies for a sustainable world

Considering the negative situations that climate change creates in every aspect of our lives, we develop and implement efficiency-based production policies, from the raw materials we use to energy.

We act with the consciousness of our environmental responsibility

As Kocaeli Tire Co. Inc.we have been continuing our journey with efficiency-based production without compromising our environmental policies for years. With years of experience, we develop innovative projects especially on energy efficiency. While we work with all our strength to ensure that our R&D activities reach consumers in more effective conditions, we also raise awareness of all our employees for personal steps to be taken against the adverse conditions of the climate change situation in our world. We know that the awareness of each of our employees will make great contributions to the awareness of their families and society.

Efficient and effective production strategies

We develop a mass production philosophy compatible with new technology with efficiency-based manufacturing solutions at every step of our entire production. We know that today's energy savings will support the energy that our tomorrow needs.

Efficient energy

Green production


Developing nature-friendly raw materials and production solutions, Kolsan continues its long-term production journey, which it started many years ago, while reducing our carbon footprint for our future generations by making environmentally friendly production. We know that the future will be a more livable environment with our productivity solutions that we have made today.
The basic philosophy of our production is to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption. In order to achieve this, we have adopted the principle of using environmentally friendly products in all raw materials and by-products. As Kocaeli Tire Co. Inc.., we take off the road every day with this principle. Efficiency also provides a correct and sustainable growth in the conditions of product competition. With today's technology, we look to our future with hope.

Our environmental production certificates

ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management System Certificate