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Off-take tire manufacturing

Kolsan has been serving the tire industry with off take tire manufacturing in Passenger Radial,  Farm (front and rear),  Light Truck,  Truck & Bus and  off highway  bias tires.  Technology of Kolsan is proven and well established to produce state of the art radial and bias tires for the end user...


Custom mixing

Kolsan has a state of the art mixing equipment and serving Tyre Industry globally with high perfomance compounds mixed with the recipe's of the customers who are the major tire and retreading companies in the world while mixing also the compounds necessary for her own tire manufacturing facility.


Kolsan's mixing room is equipped with modern systems such as auto weighing and auto feeding of raw materials and enough number of day bins to cope with 6-7 different carbon black types. Kolsan mixing room with its variable speed rotor and hydraulic ram features is also capable of producing high silica compounds with excellent dispersibility.